K’na, The Dreamweaver (2014)

K'na the Dreamweaver

K’na the Dreamweaver is like a glossy, expensive travel magazine full of outstanding images and scenes that are truly impressive. The contrasting colors of their woven clothes, the rich color of nature and its earthly hues and tones were very commendable. Long live the cinematographers and the colorists for doing an excellent job!

The story line was simple. It tells the story of Kana (Mara Lopez), a T’boli woman, confronted with two difficult conflicting choices: choose love or choose peace. To save her clan from the bloody tribal war, she chose peace and marry the son of the enemy’s tribe leader (Alex Medina) and gave up her one true love (RK Bagatsing).

The film, in its entirety is good. My only concern about was the delivery of some of the characters of the native language. Having been written entirely in T’boli language, most of the casts have consistently portrayed the emotion embedded on the spoken language, while some, seemed to fail to attribute the correct emotion that goes with their lines.

Other than that, it’s all good. 🙂 I love the ending. Classic tragedy. It’s worth watching.

Festival: Cinemalaya 2014

Rating: 3/5


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