1st Ko si 3rd (2014)

1st Ko si 3rd

A sweet tale of a 65-year old woman, reunited with her first love, 50 years after they were separated.

It’s a feel-good movie filled with generous serving of funny, easily relatable scenes, that demand its audiences some honest laughs throughout the film.

The chemistry of the main characters, Cory (Nova Villa) and Third (Freddie Webb) was a spot on. It clicked right away and it was loved by everyone. Seeing Cory discover Facebook for the first time was one of the most entertaining parts of the film. Her reminising moments while reading Third’s love letters, their first encounter, their supposed first date at the prom night, the comedic sequences at the local parlor and at the park in contrast with its dramatic sequences at their Mercedez Benz; this film may have been the best romantic-comedy film Cinemalaya has produced in 10 years.

Film Festival: Cinemalaya 2014

Rating: 4/5